Practising The Art Of Small Business

Episode 19: How to achieve PROGRESS!

August 20, 2021 Season 1 Episode 19
Practising The Art Of Small Business
Episode 19: How to achieve PROGRESS!
Show Notes

In this episode, we tackle the question of how to get things done and achieve progress when something isn't in the "normal" running of the business.

We have talked about the Eisenhower matrix before and we revisit this again to help define and undertake activities that are important and not urgent in the business. Most working "on" the business happens in this quadrant, and because often the work is not urgent, it doesn't become a priority.

To help get these important but not urgent tasks done we suggest that business owners:

  • Recognise what the goals are
  • Brainstorm and agree to the strategy to achieve the goals
  • Define the tasks to achieve the strategy, with clear specificity of what success looks like
  • Have a good cadence of accountability - what key performance indicators to ensure our strategy is achieving our goal
  • Track and measure whether the strategy is effective

Julie introduces us to the concept of a Key Accountable Person - that is someone who is responsible for driving actions in the business. If you have team members, this is a great way to reduce the reliance on you as a business owner, and helps your team be more accountable.

We talk about Key Performance Indicators or KPIs - and to use these as a way to track what success looks like and if you're any closer to getting there and we talk about the importance of accountability when working towards a goal. Julie recommends a morning huddle to remind people of the tasks that were important and urgent and to have a cadence of accountability. We talk about accountability as a process, and if it can be done as a process, then progress happens without "active" management.

One thing that business owners miss is that time needs to be allocated and reallocated in order to achieve change. When thinking about what is priority, we have to decide what's more important? What are you willing to sacrifice or change in order to be successful?

We talk a bit about the mindset needed to get stuff done and Julie shares her productivity affirmations.

Key takeaways

  • We don't spend time doing the "on the business"
  • Make sure goals are clear
  • Tasks are defined and there is a responsibility and due date
  • Monthly / fortnightly or weekly cadence of accountability
  • If you're going to give your team responsibility give why, provide support
  • Allocate a KAP - key accountable person - someone to drive actions / follow up
  • Allocate time and energy with a great mindset to get stuff done.


Kanban project management methodology -

Eat that Frog - Brian Tracy -


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